How to start a showcase/art project?

By alexxk5111

well there is some fundamental steps before you start making a showcase or just any game

the most importen step would be inspiration many newbies start a project for example a forest they have a image in their head of a forest but when they make it it turns out not right or it end up being ugly or don’t have the right colors. to Prevent this you would need to make a Inspiration Board

here is a example of a Inspiration Board

i used this board to make this forest

making the board

there is many photo-editing programs out there you can use

i used photoshop photoshop cost money photoshop’s homepage

there is also free programs like paintdotnet paintdotnet’s homepage

*Find Images?

the images in my Inspiration Board is form google images search

you can type whatever you want in and hit enter and it search for images

you can also use they pretty much have evey uploaded image in thier database



this is also importen bc these are the colors you are gonna use in your game/art

for example in my forest i use dark green and light green and light yellow and math yellow and math green and army green based on the images i found bc some had fog

forest fog is most of the time dark green or army green or gray green then i added yellow colors for sunsets

in this image the bloom is yellow and the light is orange/math yellow


what have you learned ? now you know how to start a project right and how you can improv in the future and actualy end up with something real