How To Make Realistic Terrain In roblox Studio

By alexxk5111

before we get started we need to install a few things

Before We Get Started

  1. roblox avatar evolution. roblox avatar evolutions is a beta program of roblox studio which includes future ADDS example PBR/Physically based rendering. Physically based rendering (PBR) is an approach in computer graphics that seeks to render graphics in a way that more accurately models the flow of light in the real world. Many PBR pipelines have the accurate simulation of photorealism as their goal. Feasible and quick approximations of the bidirectional reflectance distribution function and rendering equation are of mathematical importance in this field. Photogrammetry may be used to help discover and encode accurate optical properties of materials. Shaders may be used to implement PBR principles. and a few more adds which is not importen for us in this tutorial,

Install Roblox Avatar Evolution.

choose the right build for Your OS

2. quixel megascans. Quixel megascans is made for UE4/UnRealEngine. Quixel is not made for Roblox Studio unrealengine is a realistic game engine im gonna use it in this tutorial bc it has free assets

taken form the quixel website. Thousands of 3D assets, tileable surfaces, vegetation, imperfections, atlases, decals and much more, from urban to natural, with hundreds of new assets scanned weekly. Get a head start with everything you need from day 1, and use your creativity where it matters most.

Getting Started

Sign In and go to the


click on all list – surface

when u found a Texture u want to use click on it and u will see a page like this

click on the download settings after thats done u sould see a page like this

this is a standart download settings page

  1. do not use 8k as Resolution roblox don’t support so high images. choose 2k or max 4k in this tutorial i will choose 2K and i will choose Albedo and Normal and Roughness

Click the X and click the download button. place the files inside a folder so u easy can find them.

Now lets open up roblox avatar evolution make a new baseplat and add some terrain to it i will Skip a bit bc u should have a basic understanding of how to make a normal terrain if u don’t know how to do that then there is tutorials on youtube for that im not gonna show u it here

now let us make a basic terrian we can build on

now let us review our mesh pack BTW u can download it in the button of the tutorial.

we a more meshs but this is the most importen ones we are gonna use most

now let us import our PBR texture

right click on images to add assets

click open and ur done

now let os add the textures to the meshes

click on the SurfaceAppearance and place to textures u download to where the name is example normal would be placed in normalmap.

now we are done with that let start building.

Building The Map

im gonna copy and paste much so i don’t need 100 meshes i will keep it simple

Terrain Properties

make it step by step maybe use a real image or make a costorm one in your head like i did

i will skip a bit bc there is alot of copy and pasteing in this i hope u understand : )

now when u made anything lets add the lighing

and effects VFX first add a skybox

before skybox
with skybox on


here is our main lighting

now let us add ColorCorrection

let add SunRays

and let us now add Bloom

image of our game with every lighing settings on

Particle Effects VFX

now lets add some particles to the game

Particle Properties

Done Game

use full links

  1. download game:
  2. download model pack: